What the Students Have to Say – 2011 Rice Raiser Campaign

Students from Mrs. Bot's Class at Abbotsford Christian Middle School

Student’s Comments:

1. I learned that we should help to make a difference.
It made me sad to think that we have so much and don’t do anything to help but they have nothing and would be willing to give things away. Middle school – Lucas

2. That we are stopping the hunger cycle.
It made me realize how much wealth we have and we should share it.
If you are educated about hunger, you can be more involved in the future and it could help you make better life choices. We can stop hunger, if we just take the time to do it! Middle School – Elianah

3. Our school has been doing the rice raiser all the years I have been here. This year I learned the most and I was really touched about how kids my age are going through things (would never imagine) It impacted me so much and I really want to make a difference. Even if I can’t help a whole village I can at least help on family and help them feel happy again.
That is one of my life goals; I could start with one child then work up to a whole village.
Middle School – Rachel

4. I knew that there were kids and adults starving in other countries but I had no idea it was so bad. I’m sure if ALL schools jumped in, there wouldn’t be so many children starving because we would have raised enough money to help them. Middle School – Nikki

5. I found out that so many people don’t have food and water – it‘s devastating. It made me realize how lucky we are. Middle School – Taylor

6. I really learnt that if we give maybe once or twice a year, it’s good but there are people that are hungry every single day across the world.
That governments of wealthy countries say they’re going to fix everything and they have all the solutions. But really they don’t and they go ahead and spend money on war or other things.
We take so much for granted when they have nothing.
Yes, because if we don’t keep ourselves concerned then we’ll all just forget or just stop concerning ourselves with hunger and starvation in the rest of the world.
I am choosing to make a difference in the world, to stop hunger and starvation.
Middle School – Aidan

7. The last time I was here for the rice raiser was in sixth grade. I felt more involved this time though. I learnt so much this year. I liked the fact that we learnt during class time and watched videos too. It made me feel like I understood it more. I also like the fact that learnt about Canadian poverty. It impacted me a lot because they live like that at my age and it’s not fair.
It made me want to give them all the food I own so don’t suffer like that. It made me aware that there are actually a lot more people than I thought that struggle with hunger. I can’t believe we let starvation kill so many people. If the government decided, instead of building another plane let’s donate all that money to charity that would help so much. They don’t even need another plane.
If my school doesn’t participate, it won’t stop me from donating. I will come back and give M. Klassen money to donate.
I choose to be part of a generation that changes hunger because I don’t want to sit back watching people suffer when it’s stoppable. Middle School – Mirela

8. We take a break but hunger doesn’t!
It made me very aware of what’s happening and sort of gave me a dream to work towards when I am old enough. I want to raise a ton of money and move to a poor place and build a mid-sized house and set everything up in a village, clean water, market, food and plant gardens and hire people to work in them so they don’t have to move away.
We need to have this thinking all the time. Middle School – Bruhklen

9. It’s just a privilege of being part of this rice raiser this year.
It is extremely important, so that when we get older we are more aware, and maybe we can start a generation that isn’t greedy and is willing to share. Middle School – Andre

10. This year was the 4th time that we have participated. Over the 3 yrs I’ve been here at CDG I’ve learned lots about hunger through the Rice Raiser Campaign. This year in gr 8, I’ve learned the most about Cambodia, Mexico, Tanzania and Ethiopia. I think it’s very important that we learn about it because it gives us a chance to change. Middle School – Connie

11. If we don’t help them – who will?

12. Our school has participated for a few years but every year I learn something new that makes me want to help even more. I think the 23 hr. famine impacted us the most because it helps us realize that the pain of hunger we went through for a single day is something some people have had to deal with their entire life. Learning about all of this is definitely important to our future because we can help to make a better future. We are the generation that has the best chance. Middle School – Emma

13. I think that it’s so sad knowing that kids around the world struggle with hunger, AIDS, and all those horrible things. Participating in the rice raiser made me VERY aware of what’s going on and how everyone can help.
It’s good to know what’s going on in other places other than where we live.
Middle school – Madi

14. This is the first year in which I have had the opportunity to really learn about world hunger and poverty. This has been an experience I will never forget. Having speakers who had actually been to these countries, came in and talking about their unique experiences was very interesting.
I feel like now, I really understand and can appreciate the ordeals that people all over the world face every day. I also understand how important it is to participate in charities that are helping this cause.
I think it’s hugely important because becoming aware of these problems is the first step in solving them. It really helps raise awareness to world hunger and child poverty
‘I choose to be part of a generation that changes hunger’: is a very strong statement because it shows that no one is forcing you but that you choose and that you care.
Middle School – Catherine

15. I am now aware that when I’m hungry it’s nothing compared to what the people in those four countries and other countries around the world. I think it’s important to learn about hunger now because some people go their whole life not even knowing any of these things are happening. We could stop hunger right now – if only … Middle School – Andrew

16. This is our 4th year doing the rice raiser. I learned a lot more about where all the rice and money is going. I think that no one should have to go to bed hungry.
Yes, it is very important that we get as many people as possible, especially children aware of what is going on in the world, because we are the ones who can change the future.
I want to be a part of a generation that changes hunger because I believe that we can do it.
Middle School – Danica

17. Our school has participated in rice raiser for a number of years and we still love it and continue for many more I hope. I really liked that we’re helping people. We have so much to give but we are greedy and as long as it doesn’t involve us we don’t care. The Rice Raiser Campaign opened my eyes to more than I knew – but the whole world needs to know.
I think it’s mandatory to learn about hunger – it’s our world and just because we have never met some people, they’re our family we share a home but why don’t we take care of our family like our genetic family? I believe that we should do this until the world is living like Canada.
All generations should help and it’s our generation that makes a difference.
Middle School – Aleesha

From now I will be watching what I do and try to help out way more. Kassandra – Middle School

18. I learned that thousands of children die every day due to hunger. We take a lot for granted.
Yes, because there are millions of people dying, while only a few of us really care enough to try to be help. If we tell the world we can make a big difference.
I don’t want to be sitting back while millions die every day. Kayla – Middle School

19. All their cries are left unheard.
A child is suffering is willing to share anything they have – it’s time we have the same mindset.
Sayen – middle school

20. Wow, it impacted me so much I came to a decision, that I will not just sit here, in this beautiful life, and let other children go hungry. I want to help. Mikaela – Middle School

21. I think it’s extremely important to learn about hunger and what’s going on in the world. So when I’m older I’m not the person who makes lots of money and says, “Why should I help? It’s not my fault they’re hungry.” Lily – Middle School

22. It’s so important to learn about the hunger and devastation in our world because what you don’t know you can’t fix. Serah – Middle School

23. We can’t wait any longer, we need to act now. Joshua – Middle School

24. I already knew that people were hungry around the world but this really opened my eyes.
Matthew – Middle School

25. I believe that this generation should be a part of addressing hunger because we are no different than the hungry. Ryan – Middle School

26. I couldn’t believe how huge the problem is. Annon. Middle School

27. It makes me sick inside to know what happens in our world. How many people are without basic food and water! Rain – Middle School.

28. I used to think that Canada was doing all it could to help, but the truth is, we can do so much more! Rachel – Middle School

29. I now realize that our world is far from perfect. I used to worry about homework and stuff like that, but now I think of having nothing other than homework to worry about as a blessing. Yes, because if everyone was aware of what was going on in the world and if everyone gave a little, it would help tremendously. Mack – Middle School

30. That I’m not going to be that person that just sits back and waits for the problem to fix itself.
Jacy – Middle School

31. We all have a choice and the right one is to help. student – Middle School

32. We can do this. Now all we need is everybody to cooperate. Juan – Middle School

33. We need to take action and not just speak. Kristy – Middle School

34. I think that the Rice Raiser Campaign is very inspiring because we should all do what we can to change the world, no matter how small. J. – Middle School

35. I learned that I’m very fortunate to be living in Canada, and that I take a lot for granted and that we can make a difference – I don’t grow up to be naïve and greedy. B – Middle School

36. If everybody gave a little we would have more than enough to help those who really need it. Caleb – Middle School

37. Yes, because people losing hope in other people would be the beginning of the end of a population. Mekrae – Middle School

38. I think this is true, because I think we could make a difference in the world. Austin – Middle School

39. Yes, to make a world, people need to be united – know what’s going on. Rylan – Middle School

40. I cannot believe that young boys and girls my age having to make decisions that I will never have to make in my life like – who should and who shouldn’t get some food today?
If we neglect this problem right now then, our children will and their children will, and it will go on and on until everyone is too greedy and self- important for them to look at what we have turned the world into. Erin – Middle School

41. I learned so much, how we can help and how even one person can make a huge difference. Keera – Middle School

42. It felt nice to know that by bringing in rice and money we would help a lot of people and that really encouraged a lot of us to help. Some of us in Canada complain over nothing. Zehra – Middle School

43. What did we do to deserve all of this? What’s so different between me and a hungry kid in Africa? Taylor – Middle School

44. Learning everything we did about hunger brought sadness to me. Janac – Middle School

45. One thing I like is that I can be a part of a world that makes a difference. We can’t live in a bubble – we are all a big family and we need to help. Briana – Middle School

46. The Rice Raiser Campaign showed us the everyday life problems that others have to face. I would like even more people to participate in this event. Anonymous – Middle School

47. I learned that may people don’t have a wide variety of food choice in the 3rd world countries. I think it is very important that we learn about the hunger in the world and to appreciate what we have. Anonymous – Middle School

48. There are many people in some countries that don’t have food and we have plenty and sometimes when we don’t finish we just throw it out and it’s not even rotten. Jenny – Middle School

49. I thought hunger was mostly affected in Africa, but other countries outside of Africa are dealing with hunger, too. Anonymous – Middle School

50. So many people chipped in and worked together to help. We are lucky to get what we have because so many people around the world struggle to get their next meal. The more you are aware of the issue the more people and you can help fix it plus, it is fun to participate in and to help others. Anonymous – Middle School

51. I want to make a difference in the world. Anonymous – Middle School

52. We filled up our cage with rice – over 1000 kilograms! This is the first time. Anonymous – Middle School

53. The more people involved the better. B – Middle School

54. This was not our first time, this time we learned that collaborating with a grocery story allows more people to be involved. The highlight of the campaign was when we put all the rice in a metal cage and saw how much we really raised – over 1000 kilograms!! :)
I was already aware that there is hunger, but the rice raiser gave me a chance to help. Dana – Middle School

55. We must work to solve problems today before they become even more widespread. They may seem far away, but we will be impacted eventually. Rawe – Middle School
56. Rice Raiser – Student Comments
57. I learned about the poverty cycle, and that it is very hard to break out of. I learned that there are more places in poverty and hunger in the world than I thought! Even here in Canada, there are lots of people who depend on the food banks’ generosity. – Isabella, Middle School.
58. I really want to do this because I don’t want to be a couch potato who doesn’t do anything. I want to make a difference in the world. –Gideon, Middle School.
59. I think that it is a great idea to change hunger because if we all put a little effort into the Rice Raiser we could really make a difference in hunger. –Kara, Middle School
60. It’s really amazing how we have so much and they have so little. Mikayla, Middle School.
61. I already knew quite a bit about poverty around the world, or at least I thought I knew. The Rice Raiser completely changed my knowledge about it. Linden, Middle School.
62. Wow! I could be poor like that! –Luke, Middle School.
63. I have to help and this is a great way to save a life and it’s a chance to give someone hope.
64. -Jenae, Middle School.
65. People are so poor and we are so rich. We should share our riches. –Stephen, Middle School.