The Story

The seeds for the Rice Raiser were established in the book of Isaiah and the 58th chapter where it identifies that our love for God is demonstrated through actively serving and helping others.

The seeds were germinated through working along side a local food bank and observing the ever growing population of young families struggling to be able to provide enough food for their families.

The the seeds were then watered through a visit to Cambodia in 2004 when coming across the “Garbage Fields” and witnessing the deplorable conditions of so many human lives. Conditions that included children and youth working their night through, rummaging through garbage by the light of flashlights strapped to their heads, searching for anything recyclable to sell so they would have money to buy food for their families. It was the realization that the majority of these children will never have the opportunity to receive an education or change their situation in life. It was looking at places and people the world over and learning about hunger and… it is the understanding that we, the human race are responsible to help one another, ensuring that everyone has access to their most basic need for survival…FOOD.

The seeds sprouted in Jan. 2005 in a high school in Abbotsford, BC when one classroom of students raised just over $1,500 in cash and 840 kilograms of packaged rice…the cash alone was enough to feed 3000 people for a week in a developing country. The rice filled the shelves of the local food bank to be distributed over the next couple of months to community members in need.

It is exciting to watch and see how the seeds will continue to grow and what the Rice Raiser will develop into. With all of us working together we have the potential to reap a harvest big enough to satisfy a world of hunger.