The Purpose and Vision

The Purpose

The purpose of the Rice Raiser Campaign is to educate people about global hunger, encourage compassion and change hunger for the millions of people all over our world who suffer from it.
The Rice Raiser provides inclusive opportunity for Canadians to learn about and actively address global hunger. Mobilized by youth, this community event feeds people in developing countries and in our own neighbourhoods at the same time giving learning an opportunity to respond.

The Mission Statement

To inspire this generation to actions of generous love to eliminate hunger locally and globally.

The Vision

By building relationships with schools, community groups and charitable organizations, we educate about global hunger and provide opportunities for action. Through the Rice Raiser Campaign individuals and groups collect food for local food banks and raise funds for global initiatives.

The Timing

Now is the time in history to reverse the ever increasing number of people who suffer due to hunger. Currently, it is estimated that someone dies every three seconds from a hunger related cause.

The United Nations members, including Canada, in their Millennium Declaration pledged to reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by the year 2015.

Through inclusive campaigns like the Rice Raiser, we have the opportunity to participate in meeting these goals and through the Millennium Declaration, we have the promise of governments of 189 nations.

Now is the time for action. Choose to be part of this generation that changes global hunger.