The Endorsements

Thelma Schrock:

Executive Director of Abbotsford Community Services – Sept. 2008

“Abbotsford Community Services has been involved with the Rice Raiser initiative for the last three years. Our Food Bank has worked closely with Lorri Sawatsky and other volunteers to ensure that the food collected reaches the most needy in our community. We feel very privileged to be part of this project not only because of the great benefit to those who receive food, but also because of the emphasis on engaging youth at an early age. It is so refreshing to see a project that responds to more than just the immediate need, a project that plans for the future by teaching children the values of empathy, caring, and responsibility. We applaud the efforts of all the Rice Raiser volunteers and fully support them in this very important initiative.”

Art Janzen:

Teacher at MEI Middle School and teacher in charge of the class who did the pilot run for the Rice Raiser in Jan. 05.

“The Rice Raiser is a very worthwhile project. It taught the students a lot. They were strongly impacted as they realized their efforts helped so many people. It helped them understand global poverty to a greater extent when they saw that the $1,500 cash raised could buy enough rice to feed 3000 people in a third world country for one week. They were also impressed with the amount of packaged rice that was raised and how many people could benefit from their participation.”

Pastor Justyn Rees:

Former Executive Pastor of Northview Community Church

“Lorri Sawatsky has consistently displayed a compassion for the disadvantaged of the world. She confronts injustice or hunger by initiating creative action that brings together those who are in need with others who would love to help if only they knew how. The Rice Raiser is an inspiring new initiative.”

Walter Paetkau:

Founder and former Executive Director of Abbotsford Community Services

“Hunger, whether in one’s own community or in villages and homes around the world, is always devastating for the hungry. Supporting the Rice Raiser touches lives both at home and abroad and offers a window of hope to those without enough to eat. Your support is a step to this path of hope.”