Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why rice?


  • More rice is eaten than any other food item in the world.
  • Rice is capable of being grown in every country in the world except the Antarctica.
  • Rice is a nutritious staple food that is fundamental to global food security.
  • Rice is recognized as one of the best food items we can supply local food banks with.

2) Doesn’t it cost a lot to ship rice to other countries?

Answer: We don’t ship rice or any other food, we only send money to purchase food in or near the country. This helps the local economy of that country and doesn’t waste time or funds for shipping the food.

3) Does it have to be rice that we collect?

Answer: No. Any healthy food can be collected for feeding people locally. For example: in the 2007 Rice Raiser Campaign, one school decided to collect tins of food instead of bags of rice…they collected over 1.400 tins for the local food bank plus hundreds of dollars to send to feed people globally. When we sent funds to Zambia, we purchased maize (corn meal) because that is the staple food for that country. Often, funds will go towards purchasing seed, tools and fertilizer for food development.

4) Can a Rice Raiser event be done outside of the schools?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Any group of people can participate in a Rice Raiser event anytime of the year. Just remember to register with us and ACT LOCALLY – ACT GLOBALLY by collecting food for your local food bank and sending the collected cash to the Rice Raiser, PO Box 2514, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6R3. Please contact us for more information and resources.

5) Do you really send 100% of the funds donated to the projects in the developing countries?

Answer: Yes we really do. Unless someone specifies that they want their donation to go towards helping with operational costs, we send it on.

6) How can you afford to send 100% and not charge for operational costs?

Answer: Staff either volunteer or they raise their own support to work with Hunger Response International. Businesses support and sponsor many of the materials. Please contact us if you would like to help. The help is needed and gratefully appreciated. If you have a business, we will proudly showcase your support.

7) If February isn’t a good time of year for our school, can we hold a Rice Raiser event some other time?

Answer: Yes. Whatever time works best for you is good, but outside of February, the campaign month, it won’t be possible to provide the same promotion.

Do you have a question? Please contact us.