Educational Resources

2014 Rice Raiser Campaign image

We’ve got some great resources put together to help your students learn about hunger in Canada and in other parts of the world. The fact that we have four different global projects each year is for the purpose of educating Canadian youth about hunger in our world. Year after year, students are provided with opportunities to learn about and help people from four different developing countries. By looking at the global projects, students can also learn about the causes of hunger and find out about good development practices that are affecting lives now and will most certainly make life better for generations to follow.

2014 Rice Raiser Campaign Resources:

Making the GrAde for Boys and Girls, Generating Global Momentum in the Classroom:
Watch this little video Making the Grade

produced by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation. It will certainly get your interest and will help your students learn the importance of Canadians helping other countries in our world.

For other resources, please contact us. New updated School Resource Kits are available. Register your school for this year’s campaign.