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Some facts on rice and hunger

  • Over 50% of the people in the world depend upon rice as their staple food!
  • In Asia, poor people in both cities and rural villages spend 1/2 to 3/4 of their incomes on rice and only rice!
  • Both white rice and brown rice are healthy grains to eat. Brown rice has more nutritients than white rice because of the bran shell that surrounds the grain. Milling is the process that provides us with white rice.
  • It is estimated that there are about 140,000 varieties of cultivated rice grown in every country in the world except Antartica!
  • Not only is 90% of the world’s rice grown in Asia, 90% of the rice is also consumed there. It is basic survival food for many.
  • Poverty is a violation of human rights on a massive scale. All members of the United Nations committed to spare no effort in tackling poverty by adopting the Millennium Declaration.
  • Over one billion people suffer hunger in our world – that’s nearly one in every six!
  • A child under 5 dies every six seconds from a hunger realted cause
  • Higher food and fuel prices mean less money to spend on health care and education…women and girls are affected the most in many countires due to religious and cultural practices.
  • 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty of less than $1.25 per day (the poverty level below which survival is in question)!
  • Hunger affects the whole world: In economic terms, every year that hunger persists at current levels costs more than 5 million children their lives and costs developing countries billions of dollars in lost productivity and earnings.
  • Every province in Canada has food banks and 18% more people accessed a food bank in March 2009 over the same month in 2008.
  • In Canada, 35% of people who receive food from food banks are children and they represent 50% of food bank assisted households.

Social Studies Grade 6 BC Curriculum Prescribed Learning Outcome A5:

“It is expected that students will implement a plan of action to address a selected local or global problem or issue.”

  • The Rice Raiser addresses both local and global!

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