The Rice Raiser Campaign

The Rice Raiser is an educational youth mobilized community event designed to change hunger locally and globally at the same time.

As school it is one of the most important events that we do here.  To raise awareness about hunger both in our community and abroad is a vital lesson for life. Youth at the middle/high school age are forming their view of the world.  If we can reach them now we can help shape the actions of the next generation. Teacher, Ms. Klassen

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Find out more about each 2014 Global Project:

Looming a Future in Ethiopia

Nutrition is Key in Haiti

Treadling Water in Mozambique

Investing in Mothers in Nepal


Learn about hunger domestically and around the world.

Collect food for local needs and money for global needs

Here’s how the Rice Raiser Campaign works

We provide information about global hunger and challenge individuals and groups to learn and then respond through creative action. Food is collected to feed the hungry locally and funds are raised to feed the hungry globally through projects in four different international countries. Information is provided on all four projects so that people can learn more about the needs and the disparity that exists in our world. But the greatest part of it all is, we are helping one another understand that we can all be instruments of change towards helping others. We have a social responsibility to those who do not have enough food to eat.

Through schools

As students learn about global hunger and the specific needs presented in the four global projects along with local needs to address hunger here at home, they commit to collecting packaged bags of rice and funds. The two go hand in hand. All the rice they collect will be distributed to local people in need through the food bank in their community. All the cash money they raise will be sent to developing nations through registered charities and will be used to purchase emergency food or things needed to produce food for the hungry.

Two ways you can respond:

  1. Act Locally -  You donate packaged rice.
  2. Act Globally – You give a lump sum of money.

The choice is yours; to help feed people in our own community or internationally, in developing countries…or you can do both. However you decide to respond, you will be helping people receive their most basic need…food. Food is a basic human right so when you help someone who does not have sufficient food, you are practicing social justice.

School Resource Kits

are sent out to all registered schools. They are filled with information and facts about hunger as well as many ideas for learning and raising awareness and support!

Click here to get the 2014 Rice Raiser Campaign Resources.

We also include extra resources for learning that we recommend: for example:

Play Free Rice – an educational vocabulary game that helps feed the hungry!
Play Freerice and feed the hungry

The Rice Raiser Pilot – 2005

The Rice Raiser ran a pilot program in 2005 in which students from MEI Secondary School participated. The results were: 3000 people in developing countries were provided food for one week from the funds that were raised and the local food bank was supplied with 842 kilograms of rice to feed those in need within the community. These great results showed that the Rice Raiser is a good and inclusive way for people to work together to combat global hunger.