The Situation: People within the ThaThom communities represent some of the most food-insecure in the country, confirmed by recent surveys finding Global Acute Malnutrition rates exceeding critical levels, with over 30% of children  suffering from malnutrition.

How we’re helping: We’re partnering with MCC / MCC Laos on a huge long-term project to help poor families grow rice.

A majority of households in the Tha Thom district suffer from chronic food insecurity due to insufficient land and water needed to produce rice crops. A lack of clean water in many villages means that households frequently suffer from waterborne illnesses. Poor health and hygiene practices also contribute to illness. This project will take a community based approach to develop and repair appropriate water sources, and to provide training in health and hygiene, livestock care, resource management, and agricultural techniques. Much of the work will be done by engaging people in food for work activities with 68 tonnes of rice to benefit families .

This is a $4—$1 CIDA matched project!

For every dollar we raise, the Canadian Government will match with four!  That’s like turning one dollar into 5!!                                             Let’s help build some rice paddies so 682 households in Laos can improve their food-security!