2013: PIGGY POWER in Rwanda

The Situation: Today Rwanda is a poor rural country with about 90% of the population trying to survive as farmers (subsistence  agriculture).  The global downturn over the past few years has hurt export demand and tourism. But economic growth is recovering, mostly by the services sector, and by controlling inflation. The government is now trying to protect aid to the poor. But, in 2011 rises in global food and fuel prices increased inflation in Rwanda from 1% in January to more than 7% .

How we’re helping: The Rice Raiser Campaign is partnering with FH Canada and FH Rwanda by providing pairs of pigs to families. The pig’s waste can be composted into the soil to provide valuable fertilizer in which families can grow their crops. When the pigs have piglets, they can be sold for cash or be raised for their meat. With a vet inspected pig comes the necessary animal care training,  plus agricultural training of how to make effective fertilizer and how to grow different crops.

To qualify for a pair of pigs, one of the requirements a family must achieve is to build a solid pen for the animals. This protects the animals and it makes it possible to collect their manure.

Start collecting today: $50 buys two pigs.