2013: LEARNING + DOING = FOOD in Sierra Leone

Subsistence farming is the principle source of livelihood for the majority of Koinadugu District, Sierra Leone. However, according to a comprehensive 2011 study by the World Food Programme, UNICEF, and the Government of Sierra Leone, only 6% of Sierra Leonean rice farmers can feed their family for the year from their own harvest. The result is widespread malnutrition, with 34% of children between 6 and 59 months chronically malnourished and 10% severely stunted.

How we’re helping: The Rice Raiser Campaign is partnering with CAUSE Canada’s School Agriculture &Food Security Project to expand school gardens that also serve as demonstration plots for new agricultural technologies, techniques and inputs. Together we will:

Increase food production at school gardens;

Improve nutrition at schools;

Expand the time period during which food produced in school gardens is available;

Improve local agricultural techniques beyond the school gardens through voluntary replication on family plots.

Funds Raised Will Provide:

“New” technology will be accompanied by essential hand tools like hoes, cutlasses, and axes and a storage shed to keep these implements secure on-site.

Plus, Seed for staple crops including rice, millet, groundnut, peppers, and other vegetables will be provided and the most economical and beneficial fertilizer and crop  treatment options  for the region will be included.

1 Tools
2 Seeds
3 Plot seed storage (10 tins)
4 Inputs
5 Agricultural training for mothers’clubs
6 School grain storage facilities (1)
7 Demonstration plot caretaker
8 Farm labourers