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Globally the Hunger Response International works in four different developing countries each year. The projects change yearly so that people can learn about hunger and good development practices from four different places in the world each year. Each year brings new opportunities to learn about and help people from around the world.

2014 Theme: Being Agents of Change!

Project Sheet for Ethiopia

2014 Global Project in Haiti

2014 Global Project in Mozambique2914 Global Project in Nepal

Hunger Response International’s PARTNERS:

Hunger Response International is pleased to partner with many excellent organizations to help address hunger locally and globally.

Act locally – Act globally

Hungry for Life

2011 – Mexico: Pushing Past 10

In a reclusive and isolated region in Mexico, high up in the Copper Canyon, 50% of the children in the community of Babicora die before the age of ten years due mostly to lack of food, malnutrition and disease. We’re helping families make it through until their next harvest with a nutrition-packed food distribution and then supplying them with the things that they need to grow vegetables and fruit with Garden Grow Kits and chickens.

$3000 for food distribution and $200 per garden grow kit and two chickens.

2010 – Uganda: A Place At the Table

2009 – Kenya and Haiti

Providing basic staples for widows and orphans in Kenya
School lunch program “Feed the Body to Reach the Briain” in Haiti

2008 – Ukraine and Kenya

Sponsoring orphans in Ukraine
Relief food for displaced families in Kenya

2007 – Zambia and Haiti

Relief food plus garden tools and seed for Zambia
Relief food for village in Haiti

2006 – Relief Food for Villagers in Zambia

The Rice Raiser is partnering with Hungry for Life International on the Maize for Zambia project. If you would like to find out more about the Hungry for Life International and their projects, please visit their website:

MCC British Columbia

2011 – Tanzania

Freeing Families From Hunger: Families in the Monduli District in Tanzania will be taught new ways to conserve water for field and household usuage. Beginning with assessments on nutrition and income, training will be provided for food production and storage of fruits and vegetables. In addition, proper care for poultry will help ensure long term food security for the most vulnerable. 

Just $600 per family (5 – 7 people) will help provide food for today adn for future generations.

2010 – India

Paid in Food: Socially and economically marginalized people – many are of the Dalt caste and live in acute poverty – reside in remote villages affected by drought. Thousands will benefit from this ‘work-for-food’ project as they develop their infrastructure like roads, irrigation, bricks, wells and so much more.  176 villages in 30 districts have been selected for this project.  This is a $4 – $1 CIDA matched project for 2010.

2009 – Mozambique

Food and Water Security – We’re helping to build sand dams to ensure year round water accessibility for 1000 families plus seeds, training, tools and fertilizer to provide food security for 500 families. ($4 – $1 CIDA Matching project)

2008- Bangladesh

Assist rice harvest workers during the ‘Monga’ season when there is on work available.

2007 – Indonesia

a project to relieve hunger in Indonesia related to the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.

2006 – Colombia and Pakistan

Food relieve for earthquake victims in Pakistan and a soup kitchen for women and children in Colombia

CAUSE Canada

The Rice Raiser is partnering with CAUSE Canada on the Guatemala…Seeds to Feed project. If you would like to find out more about the CAUSE Canada and their projects, please visit their website:

First Steps

First Steps is a Canadian humanitarian organization whose purpose is to prevent childhood malnutrition in North Korea through programs which provide essential nutrients to young children and expectant mothers.

2009 – North Korea

We want to supply soy milk to malnourished children in North Korea by providing a VitaGoat machine and soy beans.

Food for the Hungry Canada

2011 -Ethiopia: For the Love of Coffee

Coffee is believed to have origninated in Ethiopia and now we are helping desperately poor and chronically hungry families in the Sasiga community to become coffee growers/farmers in order to gain food security. We’ll provide the coffee plant seedlings, the fertilizer to enhance the soil, a well to provide clean water for about 70 families, along with the training and tools needed.

This project is a $3 to $1 CIDA matching project. For every dollar that we raise, the Canadian Governement will match with $3!

2010 -Burundi: Goats and Cows

FH Canada responds to emergencies all around the world, wherever they occur.

The Rice Raiser is partnering with FH Canada, a registered, Christian, non-governmental organization dedicated to sustainable development and emergency response worldwide.

Their belief that people in poverty need more than just food allows them to ensure stable, holistic development for families and communities in third world countries.

FH Canada works among the world’s poorest poor

Often found far outside of city limits, where there is little current development programming.

Hope International Development Agency

2011 – Cambodia: Dry Rice Farming

In Pursat, Cambodia a lack of food prevents malnourished children from attending school, forces fathers to search for work far away from their homes and traps sick and frightened families in their poverty. Dry Rice Farming is growing rice all year long, even in the dry season, helping families to nearly triple their yearly rice harvests in an environmentally sustainable way. It restores health, hope and security to Cambodia’s hard-working poor families.

$18,000 can transform an entire village!