Have A Rice Day

Through the Have A Rice Day Movement, people identify with the hungry on seven annual global observance days throughout the year.


Eat rice

Have A Rice Day - substitute your regular meal for a simple bowl of rice.

Seven Collector Button

1. It’s a relativley new, very simple concept with a potential for a great big impact!

2. It’s a terrific way to help raise awareness and help feed the hungry at the same time!

3. It’s a great project at the work place, at school, in your club or even with your exercise class. It’s something you can share with your friends anywhere”

Wear a HAVE A RICE DAY button for a minimum donation of $5

Proudly and on that day substitute one of your meals for a simple bowl of rice to identify with one billion people who are hungry in our world today. Its a humbling experience and you’ll be amazed at what your contribution does when multiplied by others to help change hunger locally and globally.

The money will go towards supporting the work and projects of Hunger Response International. We are an organization that is committed to changing hunger through global projects and local food banks. View our Projects to learn more.

There are seven days to HAVE A RICE DAY each year.
The Next Have A Rice Day is October 16 – World Food Day.

Be a coordinator for HAVE A RICE DAY in your work place, at the office, at your school, at your church, at your club or even with the friends you socialize with.

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HAVE A RICE DAY dates – collect all seven buttons!

  • October 16 – WORLD FOOD DAY- because everyone has the right to food!
  • November 20 – UNIVERSAL CHILD’S DAY – Providing sufficient food for children helps them to attend or stay in school, learn better and in many cases helps prevent deplorable incidents of child labour, child soldiers or the sex trade!
  • December 10 – HUMAN RIGHTS DAY – Food is a basic human right!
  • March 22 – WORLD WATER DAY – You can’t grow food without water…especially rice which is the most consumed food item in the world!
  • April 7 – WORLD HEALTH DAY – Sufficient, nutritious food helps bodies fight off infections and diseases!
  • May 15 – INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE FAMILY – The ability to have enough food helps families stay together!
  • August 19 – WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY – A day for everyone who can to give a little towards helping those in need of the most basic requirement for life…FOOD!
  • ORDER YOUR COLLECTOR BUTTONS – Minimum suggested donation $5 ea. Please indicate which button(s) and how many of them you would like.

    Learn more about each of the seven different Have A Rice Days from the menu on the sidebar. You can also download a placemat to read while you eat your rice meal.

    For questions or to order your HAVE A RICE DAY Buttons please contact us!